Step 3: Submit Application

Once you have prepared your supporting documents, you may start your EHLS online application. Read the application instructions below to guide you through this process. You will be able to stop at any point and save your work.

The application and all supporting documents must be received by midnight Eastern time on the application deadline.

Create Your Account

Go to the EHLS online application website and select “Start an application.” You will be asked to provide your name and email address and to create a password. You will also be required to provide your native language and verify that you have earned a bachelor’s degree.

Make sure that the email address you provide is one that you use every day. EHLS Program staff will use this email address to get in touch with you if there are problems with your application.

Provide Supporting Documentation

Besides answering the questions in the online application, you will be asked to include supporting documentation.

  • Name your professional references and provide their contact information. When you hit “send,” the application system will email each reference a reference form. Your references will be asked to complete the form, write a letter of reference, and send the material directly back to the system (not to you). Follow up with your references to make sure that they respond by the application deadline.
  • Upload your transcript and résumé.  If you do not have electronic copies of these documents, you should have them scanned so that you can upload them.

Please do not send any application documents to Georgetown University. Applications that are not uploaded through the online application system will not be processed.

Submit Completed Application

After you have answered all questions on the application form and provided the required supporting documents, you will be asked to submit your application by clicking the “submit” button. Before doing so, make sure you have completed all fields and answered all questions thoroughly.

Applications will be reviewed based on information that you provide, and any incomplete responses will be judged accordingly. Once you have clicked the “submit” button, you will not be able to make any further changes to your application.

Submit your application by midnight Eastern time on the application deadline.

Get Help

If you encounter problems when using the online application system, send an email to or call 866-831-3012.

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