Step 2: Complete Telephone Interview

Each EHLS applicant must complete a brief application telephone interview in English. During the interview, we will ask you questions about your education, professional background, and interest in the EHLS Program.

Telephone interviews take place in June and July until the application deadline. You should reserve your interview slot as early as possible to be sure you complete it before the application deadline. The interview booking tool is available on the EHLS online application website. You may only sign up for one telephone interview.

When you have scheduled your telephone interview, EHLS will send you a confirmation message via email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at

When calling EHLS for your interview, use a land line, not a cell phone. If you use a cell phone and there are problems with the signal, you may not be able to complete your interview.

Please note that all telephone interviews are scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time. If you are calling from a location in Central, Mountain, or Pacific Daylight Time, please adjust your appointment time accordingly.

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