Program Content

The EHLS program is designed to maximize learning opportunities throughout the eight months of instruction. It is the only program designed to take you from advanced to professional-level English proficiency within 8 months.


The EHLS curriculum focuses on tasks that are crucial to professional interactions in a government workplace, such as:

  • Making oral presentations
  • Conducting research for federal agencies
  • Drawing sound analytical conclusions
  • Reading articles on current issues
  • Organizing and writing concise reports
  • Using accepted email protocol
  • Negotiating with supervisors and clients
  • Running effective meetings
  • Creating résumés
  • Preparing for job interviews

Besides regular classes with dedicated EHLS faculty, program activities include the following:

  • Guest speakers: These are renowned experts from various branches of the government such as the National Ground Intelligence Center, the CIA Open Source Center, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Seminars with recruiters: Representatives from agencies such as the Directorate of National Intelligence, the National Ground Intelligence Center, and the Department of Homeland Security talk about career opportunities in their areas.
  • One-on-one faculty tutorials.
  • Weekly oral communication tutorials for individual coaching.

Open Source Analysis Project

The EHLS curriculum builds toward a capstone analytical research assignment, the Open Source Analysis Project (OSAP). Using non-classified open source materials,  scholars conduct research in English and their native languages on topics provided by federal agencies. They then present their analyses to federal agency representatives and government contractors at a formal symposium in June and in written reports. 

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